DD Grille-Mount LED System: Subaru WRX (15-17) (Amber / Driving Beam) (2x SS6 Bars)

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Subaru WRX Grille Light Brackets: Direct fitment on 2015-2017 Subaru WRX. Street-legal output as Driving lights or Fog lights (Please check your local laws and regulations for aiming, installation, and applicability). Highly durable powdercoated steel construction. Utilizes existing mounting points and hardware for a simple installation. CAD-designed for perfect fitment. Perfect Fitment: The LED Light Bar Bracket Kit for the 2015-2017 WRX from Diode Dynamics allows you to mount auxiliary lighting in the factory grille openings. These application-specific brackets were CAD-designed to install using factory mounting points. No cutting or drilling required! Choose Your Look: This kit allows you to mount either a pair of SS6 Stage Series 6" Light Bars, a pair of SS12 Stage Series 12" Light Bars, or up to three generic work lights or pods in the bumper openings. Street Legal Output: This kit isn't just for off road! It is legal for on-road use as driving lights or fog lights (Please check your local laws and regulations for aiming, installation, and applicability). Designed For Performance: Using optical simulation model'g, Diode Dynamics Stage Series light bars have been designed for maximum functionality, with compact size, custom-engineered TIR optics, and a useful beam pattern, all in a highly durable package. Our light bars shine light in a highly-functional and useful beam pattern, much more focused than older LEDs on the market. Functional Patterns: All Stage Series beam pattern options were designed with optical simulation model'g, to shape the output in a highly-functional beam pattern. No matter what your auxiliary lighting needs are, there is a Stage Series optic for you! Driving Pattern: The Driving pattern was designed to supplement your high beams. Rather than a simple "spot" pattern, the Stage Series Driving pattern has a rectangular 20Wx8H degree pattern that is far more useful for directing light downrange at high speeds. Wide Pattern: The Wide pattern provides an extremely wide field of view, without wasting any light in the sky above and provides a 100Wx8H degree spread of light. It was designed to supplement your fog lights and is perfect for driving in inclement weather.