LaminX: Super7 Lens Cover

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Lamin-X: Is renowned for being the market leader in films designed for use in automotive lighting. Morimoto is renowned for being the market leader in high quality, high performance headlights for todays cars and trucks. Protect your investment in good lighting with good insurance! Wear n Tear: Made of a very thick UV-resistant film material, this stuff is as good as it comes for light protection. It should not wear and tear easily, if at all! (and the same goes for your headlights with them installed!) Avoid rock chips, sun damage, bug guts, or pitting on your expensive headlights--when life happens, you only have to replace the protection film. Applications: This is custom-cut by Lamin-X specifically for Morimoto according to the lens geometry on some of the top selling headlight applications from Dodge, Chevy, and Ford. Complete Kit: Each kit comes complete with everything you need to perform the install. A Set of left and right Lamin-X film covers. A plastic squeegee for applying and removing bubbles. And a spray bottle to keep the film wet while fitting. Installation: Since the film is precisely cut to the shape of the headlight lens, you must be patience while installing to produce a perfect finished result. Follow the instructions, take your time, and you'll nail it!