NSV Integration: Dual USB Charging Port (Universal / Black / 2.1A / White backlit)

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NSV: Is a global leader in vehicle integration, supplying parts to the world's leading brands such as GM, FCA, Ford, Nissan, Ferrari, and Toyota. But they've also made some of those products available as universal accessories for the automotive aftermarket, such is the case here. Dual USB Charger: Their dual USB charging port is a perfect way to integrate modern USB ports into the dash of your vehicle so that you can charge your phone or use other USB powered accessories. As the name indicates, it can accommodate two USB devices. Toyota: These are perfect for guys with modern Toyota trucks like the Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner since dimensionally they are a direct fit for many of the capped-off OEM Ports built into the dashboard. Simple Wiring: While the thing isn't exactly plug n play, it is relatively easy to wire up for enthusiasts who aren't afraid of a little work. It needs power and ground from an ignition-controlled power source - and that's about it! Illuminated: It looks pretty cool too, when closed up - the front face illuminates in white, so you can find the ports with ease in the dark!