B-Laser: UPS Power Plus (LHD / PAIR)

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The Peak: Of projector retrofitting performance is here and it. Is. INSANE. The UPS Power+ projectors are the weapon of choice for fog light junkies who must have the latest and greatest to attack back roads in the pitch black. Advantage: Threaded shaft? Nope. Economical? Not at all. The UPS Power Plus Bi-LED + Laser assist fog light projectors are badass for one reason: Maximum output. The excellent beam pattern is supremely wide, perfectly distributed, and has a very sharp and attractive cutoff line, and oh yes, the laser assist beam. Laser Power: Is here and oh boy is it good. The laser beam on the UPS Power+ Projectors produces nearly EIGHT TIMES more intensity than their LED counterpart. We've seen some pretty amazing projectors, but that's so much firepower that you'll basically be able to see into the future with these things. On their own: We've started seeing a couple other standalone laser high beams pop up out there _ and we've tested them too. The thing is: replacing your existing high beam with a pencil-beam laser isn't a good idea because you lose the necessary spread that the complete high beam provides. By incorporating the laser-pencil-beam into a more complete system like the Power+ Projectors though, we end up with something that is very effective at leveraging the novel technology the right way. What Else: They feature an industry-standard Morimoto D2S 4.0/5.0 bolt pattern. They have an fully sealed external LED Driver with easy-to-wire inputs. These things are compact to make it work in most places, but they're not so small either and will require some additional clearance behind for the heat sink fan. Retrofitters: Can rest assured that the raw materials that have gone into this projector justify the high price point. These are OE-grade units and are very impressive in all technical and physical aspects. You guys also need to understand that using unregulated laser-powered light sources for fog lamps is still highly illegal, so we only recommend using these in off-road applications!