DD Always-On Modules: Subaru BR-Z (EU/AU/JDM) (13-16)

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Always-On! This is the USDM version, for use on U.S. and Canadian vehicles only. From the factory, your Subaru BRZ has LEDs in the headlight, which come on with your parking lights. These are known as "boomerangs" due to the curved shape. You also have LED DRLs in the lower bumper. This module allows you to keep your boomerang LEDs on as a DRL during the day, and also keep your DRLs on at night. Both of these lights will be Always On with your vehicle. Dimming: Additionally, this module uses PWM dimming in order to automatically dim the DRLs to 50% power when you turn on your headlamps, just like many OEM vehicles, so the DRL isn't too bright at night. Easy Install: Thanks to the OEM connectors and relay, everything is 100% plug-and-play, and installation will only take 5-10 minutes.