DRL Board: Honda Accord (16-17) OE LED Repair

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DRL Fix: Own a 2016 or 2017 Honda Accord with the OEM LED Daytime running light? Chances are, it's burned out like many others and in need of repair. Before now, your only real option was to buy a brand new headlight for $300+ ...and even then, the same failure would occur after a while. The Problem: The issue with the OEM LED DRL is that the entire thing is powered by 2 LED chips. One near the side-marker, and one towards the middle of the headlight. The central LED is being over-powered by the LED driver unit inside the headlight, which causes it to over-heat and eventually die. The Solution: Is to replace the LED circuit board with a new one, but re-creating the exact same part won't do the trick, at least reliably. These replacements use more LED's than the original part so that the power from the LED Driver is distributed among more chips, creating the same amount of light, but maintaining a much lower (and reliable) operating temperature. But wait: Sometimes when the OEM LED burns out, it melts the end of the acrylic light pipe that acts as the DRL...then what? Simple...slice 1/4" off the end with a dremel tool, use plastic polish to regain clarity at the end, and the problem is solved. Not all Accord lights with dead LED DRL's burned the tip of the light pipe, so in many cases - there's nothing more to do than replace the LED panel itself. OEM+ This is an OEM quality part, just engineered to avoid the failure. They utlilize 8 Philips Lumileds Z-ES LED chips that match the white color of the original DRL (in case you're only replacing one) and are built on copper boards for maximum heat conductivity. Plug n Play: They are a direct replacement for the original part and will plug directly into the sub-harness inside the headlight. One connector and 2 screws and it is replaced....AFTER YOU ARE IN THE HEADLIGHT. YES, YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR HEADLIGHT COMPLETELY APART TO REPAIR IT, THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THAT.