Jeep Anti-Flicker Harness (8700) (H4/H13)

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Jeep JK: The JW Speaker Anti-Flicker harnesses are required when using Speaker 8700 Evo / Evo 2 LED headlights on Jeep JK-chassis Wranglers. They absorb the pulsing voltage from the factory wiring and prevent the LED's from flashing. Basic Model: We also offer a bit more affordable set of harnesses (we Anti-Flicker Harness) which is a bit more basic (see pictures) but does the trick just as well as the Speakers. Results: No matter which model you choose, they're designed to simply plug in-between the stock H13 connector on your JK and the H4 connector on the Speaker lamp, these little guys are required to ensure your truck's pesky CANBUS system doesn't freak out with those slick new LED headlamps.