LZR Grill: 4in Diameter (Each / Black ABS Stone Guard)

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KC's 4"Round LZR LED feature bright, highly efficient CREE LEDs, signature Aluminum Finned-Turbine Design housing for thermal management, Spot beam for focused width and distance. Includes wiring harness, switch and stone guards. OPTICAL PERFORMANCE AND LED EFFICIENCY:4" Round LZR LED light is designed with KC engineered optical reflectors. The combination of KC's reflector design and forward facing LEDs creates a light that prioritizes distance without an overly concentrated hotspot. Through the signature KC finned turbine housing design we are able to push the light output to even greater levels of performance. AVAILABLE BEAM PATTERN AND ADVANTAGES:Spot Beam- Provides focused bright light for maximum forward distance and high speed visibility. RACE-PROVEN STRENGTH & DURABILITY:Constructed from a IP68 rated sealed Aluminum Die-Cast Housing with a durable polycarbonate lens for an impenetrable housing while using KC's signature Turbine Heat-Sink design for optimum light performance with effective heat dissipation technology.