Xross Bar System: Pro Sport LED (6 Lights)

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Classic Rounds, Mounted: KC's 50in Xross bar provides a turnkey mounting solution to mount up to 9 lights to your vehicle. Featuring a low profile, aerodynamic extruded aluminum design with integrated wire management and slotted light mount holes. Choose from KC's Universal Xross Bar mount, or vehicle specific mounting kits for Jeep JK/JL/JT. All three Mounting systems are available in halogen or LED overhead 6-light kits, choose from: KC Apollo Pro Halogen 6 Light, Gravity LED Pro-Sport 6-Light, or Gravity LED G46 6-Light kits. All LED 6-Light kits include Xross Bar specific wiring harnesses, for a clean and simple plug-n-play install. SLOTTED MOUNTING HOLES: With pre-configured mounting holes, the Xross bar can securely hold anywhere from 2 to 9 lights with ease. Slotted holes allows for extra customization and to accommodate a variety of light sizes. KC also offers 6-light overhead halogen or LED lighting kits, that allow you to mount and position 6 lights overhead with ease to provide powerful off road lighting output. INTEGRATED WIRE MANAGEMENT: KC Xross bar features a recessed channel and series of R-Clips for an integrated wire management system. Simply attach your lights and run wiring underneath through the recessed channel for a quick, clean and easy install. No messy wires and zip ties here, KC's taken the headache out of wiring multiple lights to get you on the road quickly. VEHICLE SPECIFIC MOUNTING KITS AVAILABLE: In addition to universal Xross bars, KC has developed turn-key vehicle specific mounting solutions, offering Jeep Wrangler JK/JL/JT Overhead Mounting Kits. Optional lighting packages are also available to make choosing the right lighting configuration easy for your Jeep JK/JL/JT..